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Multi-Color LED Voice Over RECORDING SIGN

Multi-Color LED Voice Over Recording Sign with Remote Control
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Price: $69.95
The one and only Voice Over Recording Sign, now with 20 color LED illumination and a credit-card size remote. It's the sign that's saved more relationships than all the disciples of Freud. Just be sure your significant other(s) can see it and odds-are when it lights up - they'll quiet down.

Please Note! Due to postal regulations we are unable to include the required CR 2025 battery for the remote.

Porta-Sound STAND™

Porta-Sound Stand for shipment to 48 contiguous states USA ONLY
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Price: $189.00
Free Shipping in Continental US
If you're like me you prefer standing up to record. Our heavy-duty stand let's you do just that. It assembles with no tools, nuts or bolts and provides a stable support for your Porta-Booth and recording gear.


VO: 1-A-PF Metal Mesh Pop Filter for VO: 1-A Microphone
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Price: $49.95
This is just the prettiest, sexiest pop filter I've ever seen and it really sets off your VO: 1-A. It's expensive but I suspect your worth it.

Voice Optimized HEADPHONES

Harlan Hogan Voice Optimized Headphones - <i>The</i> Voice Over Headphones ®
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Price: $149.00
I've spent a big part of my life with headphones on and my list of dislikes was long: Heavy, cheesy vinyl ear pads, overt bass emphasis sound were just a few gripes. So we built these 'cans' expressly for voice work and they are "Truth Tellers." You hear the clear unadulterated sound of your voice and the recording space. They're light & strong with all leather ear pads.
All New Version 2.0!

Headphone HANGER

VO Headphone Hanger
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Price: $19.95
Do you really need a headphone hanger? Of course not. But then again headphones crashing to the floor almost always damages them.. Our hanger is powder-coated with a soft nylon tip that won't "gar up" your mic stand and it looks way more professional than any thing you'll find at the hardware store.

Super Light Shotgun SHOCK MOUNT

Harlan Hogan Super Light Shotgun Shock Mount
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Price: $29.95
A shotgun microphone is great for voiceover work when an "in-your-face" sound is needed. The Sennheiser 416 is a perennial favorite and it's worth it's price. But the shock mounts available were meant for location recording and are too big and unnecessarily expensive for voice work. This small, lightweight, inexpensive mount is the perfect solution.

Adjustable Desktop MICROPHONE STAND

Harlan Hogan Universal Desktop Microphone Stand - Adjustable Height & Weight With US And International Adapter
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Price: $39.95
I don't think there is a more flexible desktop stand anywhere than this one. The heavy, round base provides a sturdy, safe mount for your microphone. In addition it can connect to both European and USA microphone threads. A rock-solid accessory.

ABS - Adjustable BOOM STOP

ABS - Adjustable Boom Stop
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Price: $22.95
Our exclusive ABS is used by bands, symphonies, commercial and personal recording studios worldwide. Talk about an inexpensive way to prevent damage to your expensive microphone... this is it.

Mechanical STOP WATCH

Harlan Hogan Stopwatch
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Price: $89.95
Old school but what a beauty. No batteries necessary and that reassuring tick tick tick will take you back to your childhood. It times precisely sixty seconds and makes a great gift in its beautiful, satin lined presentation case with magnetic catch.


Voice Over Cap
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Price: $19.95
I originally had these caps made up to publicize the first edition of my book: VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voiceover Actor. Once we began this store we made them available to talent. Be prepared when you wear this in public it'll seem like every other person you see will stroll up and say: "Ya know people tell me I have a good voice..."

C L I C K   T O   S E E   A L L   O U R   P R O D U C T S   
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