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VO: 1-A® The Voiceover MICROPHONE

VO: 1-A Microphone
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Price: $349.00
It seems that the 2nd most common question I'm asked is: "What's the best microphone for VO?" (The first is: "How can I get an agent?"). It dawned on me that most studio mics were designed for musicians and singers not word-workers. So with the help of MXL we designed a mic specifically for VO. The VO: 1-A gets raves for it's sound and it's affordable price.

MicPort Pro 2 With Limiter

MicPort Pro 2 Mobile Preamp + Interface With Limiter
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Price: $299.00

For busy recording professionals who travel light, MicPort Pro 2 is a portable USB mic preamp that makes it easy to record on-the-go and at home with professional quality. The state-of-the-art MicPort Pro 2 turns your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop into a recording studio. Smaller than most microphones, it is feature-rich, easy to use, and travel-friendly.


VO: 1-A-PF Metal Mesh Pop Filter for VO: 1-A Microphone
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Price: $49.95
This is just the prettiest, sexiest pop filter I've ever seen and it really sets off your VO: 1-A. It's expensive but I suspect your worth it.

Mixerface R4R Interface / Mixer / Recorder

Mixerface R4R Audio Interface/Mixer with SD Recorder
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Price: $479.95
The MixerFace R4R model retains all the features of its parent MixerFace R4, a mobile recording interface for smartphones, tablets and computers, but adds a built-in, “one-button record,” stereo micro-SD card recorder for added in-the-field flexibility and recording redundancy. This allows you to stream audio via the phone, while recording a local copy to the internal SD card recorder, a level of flexibility unmatched by any existing field recorders.

Super Light Shotgun SHOCK MOUNT

Harlan Hogan Super Light Shotgun Shock Mount
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Price: $29.95
A shotgun microphone is great for voiceover work when an "in-your-face" sound is needed. The Sennheiser 416 is a perennial favorite and it's worth it's price. But the shock mounts available were meant for location recording and are too big and unnecessarily expensive for voice work. This small, lightweight, inexpensive mount is the perfect solution.

Adjustable Desktop MICROPHONE STAND

Harlan Hogan Universal Desktop Microphone Stand - Adjustable Height & Weight With US And International Adapter
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Price: $39.95
I don't think there is a more flexible desktop stand anywhere than this one. The heavy, round base provides a sturdy, safe mount for your microphone. In addition it can connect to both European and USA microphone threads. A rock-solid accessory.

ABS - Adjustable BOOM STOP

ABS - Adjustable Boom Stop
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Price: $22.95
Our exclusive ABS is used by bands, symphonies, commercial and personal recording studios worldwide. Talk about an inexpensive way to prevent damage to your expensive microphone... this is it.

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