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Porta-Booth® Pro

Porta-Booth Pro
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Price: $369.99
We created the Porta-Booth Pro voice booth to solve a problem that I and every other working voice-over actor had. How to record air-quality sessions and auditions when there wasn't a recording studio available. Rugged, hand-crafted and lined with Auralex® StudioFoam, the Pro is the home studio & on-the-road recording solution. Heavy duty travel bag included!

Porta-Booth Plus Carry-on Vocal Booth

 Porta-Booth<sup>®</sup> Plus
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Price: $199.99
Our smaller, lighter but still great-sounding Porta-Booth Plus zips together in seconds and easily fits into a standard carry-on bag. Hand-made with Rip-Stop Nylon exterior and Auralex StudioFoam interior.

Porta-Booth Plus & Travel Bag COMBO

Porta-Booth Plus and Travel Bag Combo
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Price: $248.95
Not only will you save money by buying a Port-Booth Plus booth & bag combo I'm betting that you'll find yourself using the travel bag even when you aren't taking your Plus along - it's that well designed and well organized.

Porta-Booth Plus TRAVEL BAG

Porta-Booth Plus Carry-On Travel Bag
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Regular Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
A messenger style carry-on bag that holds your Plus and other travel necessities. It weighs just a few ounces but is amazingly tough thanks to it's Rip-Stop Nylon construction. At 20" x 14" x 7" it qualifies as carry-on luggage for every major domestic airline.

Porta-Sound STAND™

Porta-Sound Stand for shipment to 48 contiguous states USA ONLY
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Price: $189.00
Free Shipping in Continental US
If you're like me you prefer standing up to record. Our heavy-duty stand let's you do just that. It assembles with no tools, nuts or bolts and provides a stable support for your Porta-Booth and recording gear.


Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads
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Price: $54.99
Free Shipping in Continental US
Such a simple but effective idea I wish I'd thought of it. The thick and very solid foam pads 'isolate' your speakers/monitors from the surface they're placed on. The improvement in sound is immediately apparent. I have them here in the studio and in our home theatre set-up.

Auralex Alpha small room STUDIOFOAM KIT

Auralex Alpha Voice Over DST Foam Kit
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Price: $662.99
A pre-assembled kit that turns a closet or small room into a professional-sounding recording studio. Forget muffled-sounding moving blankets - they will reduce some outside noise - but not shape your sound. That's what acoustic foam does and it's why all professional studios use it.


Auralex Studiofoam Charcoal Wedge Panels
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Price: $279.99
A dozen 2' x2' by 2" deep charcoal StudioFoam tiles from the number one producer of acoustic treatments in the world. As the folks at Auralex are fond of saying: "if your recordings sound bad it's not your gear... it's the room!"

Auralex Lenrd® BASS TRAPS

Auralex LENRD ® Bass Traps
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Price: $251.99
Contrary to legend Lenrd is not a rising young country singer. It's an acronym for Low End Reduction Device i.e. bass traps. These do a great job of removing deep frequencies and rumble from your recordings.


Auralex TEMP Tabs ™ - 72-pack
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Price: $149.99
72 of these allow you to mount your acoustic foam to a wall temporarily. Great for apartment dwellers but also good for initial installations so you can experiment with different configurations. Unlike anything you buy at the hardware store, Temp Tabs won't ruin the mounting surface OR your expensive foam.

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