On the road voice over travel tips
Now Save $50 on our best-selling combination. The VO: 1-A VoiceOver Microphone and the award-winning Mic Port Pro USB preamp & A/D converter. Yep, an extra fifty bucks in your pocket in this perfect combination. Even Kong knows a bargain when he sees it!.

Boom arm stand, pop filter, Terri Lee and King Kong not included

The best Voice Over Microphone and the best portable USB interface connecting it to your computer. A great combination at home or on the road no matter how exotic your vacation.

Yeah, yeah ... shark, monkees and astronaut not included


$199.95     $498.95  $448.95!

BUT! Like Summer this offer won't last long so order right now and get free domestic shipping via Amazon which brings your actual savings waaaaay over $50.00!

Speaking of traveling ...

... now might be the time to think about a Porta-Booth®, our solution for recording at home or on the road with the audio quality you demand. With a Porta-Booth Pro or Porta-Booth Plus there is no need to turn down jobs no matter where you go.

Click for more on the Porta-Booth Pro
Click for more on the Porta-Booth Plus

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