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Three Must-Have Recording Tools at a Don’t-Miss Price

Save $50.00! When you buy our Spring bundle. The renowned VO: 1-A microphone specifically designed for voice over. A Mic Port-Pro the audio pro’s first choice and the best and easiest-to-use USB A/D converter and pre-Amp. And our VO: 1-A-PF all metal pop filter that matches your VO: 1-A microphone perfectly . All this with free 2 business day shipping in the Continental United States.

VO: 1-A Voice Over Microphone            

VO: 1-A® The Voiceover MICROPHONE

Virtually all microphones are designed for musicians and singers not word-workers. So with the help of MXL we designed a microphone specifically for voice-over. The VO: 1-A gets rave reviews for it's sound and affordable price. AND all items shown below are included:

  • Foam lined travel case
  • Shock Mount
  • MXL Quick mic clip
  • Fleece-lined protective storage pouch
  • Fifteen foot Marshall XLR microphone cable

Free 2-Day Shipping in the U.S.
VO: 1-A-PF Pop Filter
(Microphone stand not included)

VO: 1-A-PF Pop Filter

The VO: 1-A-PF Silver Pop Filter matches your Harlan Hogan Signature microphone perfectly. It clamps directly onto your mic and the sleek wrap-around retro design recalls the glory days of the Beatles and Abbey Road Studios, while it reduces plosives and protects the microphone's gold sputtered diaphragm.

Free 2-Day Shipping in the U.S.
MicPort Pro Pre-Amp

MicPort Pro USB Interface

For clear, clean pristine sound in a amazingly small package it’s impossible to beat the Mic Port. The preamp and the A/D audio interface turns any microphone into a USB mic BUT with studio-quality audio not the ‘consumer’ sound so often heard on all-in-one USB microphones.

Free 2-Day Shipping in the U.S.


Bought Separately: $548.94
Bundle Price: $498.94

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