ABS - Boom-Arm Mic Stand Brake

This adjustable boom stop is great! Easy to attach and works like a charm, no more droopy mic! Harlan does it again, thanks !
Deb Coloma Voice Overs


  • Simple, ingenious and infinitely adjustable
  • Padded non-slip pouch fits almost any size boom arm
  • Unique double loop webbing system for unlimited angle of the down-strap
  • Works with tripod and solid round bases
  • Light grey webbing let's you mark & repeat stand settings for each performer
  • Stage crews can leave an abs attached for instant reset.
  • It's 3 ounces of protection for your expensive microphone
Free Shipping in Continental US 
Price: $19.95
A strong, articulated, strap keeps your boom where you want it without weights, sand bags or knuckle-busting tightening of the boom clutch. This is the simple solution that simply - works! You’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it. The ABS works on all boom arm stands and the light grey strapping let’s you mark just the right spot for you and anyone else who uses your microphone saving time and guesswork. Don’t trust your mic to the factory-installed ten cent fiber washer that holds your boom arm in place right now. Lock it in place with our ABS Adjustable Boom STOP.
Adjustable Boom Stop Microphone Protector Adjustable Boom Stop Microphone Protector Adjustable Boom Stop Microphone Protector
Price: $19.95


Keeping the Boom from going Bust Mic booms are a great piece of gear--they put the mic right where you want it. Except for one annoying problem: Droopy Boom Syndrome. dangerous to expensive mics, which aren't designed for smashing onto the floor. Solution: Adding a counterweight or a sandbag. But they're heavy to drag around. Here's something that's lightweight, solves the problem in less than a minute.
Bill Ballenberg, Voice Actor - Amazon review
- as a drummer, I have to set some pretty precarious booms to pick up my vocals. It really is perfect - thank you!!!
Deirdre Cooper, Voice Actress & Musician
It Just Works H2 has done it again - this time his very own, must-have studio accessory, the Adjustable Boom Stop. The ABS allows me to nail my mic/VO settings and saves me from having to think about 'boom creep' during long sessions. It's thoughtful, well-designed, and easy to use. I also VO coach in my studio, the markable strap let's me nail individual mic settings for each student- a great time-saver. If you use a boom, get the ABS - no brainer.
Kim Crow Voice Over 7 coach - Amazon review
...today's boom arm mic stands use a ten cent washer to keep the boom from falling, inevitably they fail and many a mic is ruined
Dave Courvoisier, Voice Actor - Las Vegas
Today’s mini boom-arm stands were not designed for the weight of the expensive VO: microphones I depend on. So, I’ve cranking down on the boom lock and hanging various ugly, makeshift weights on the back of the boom to counteract the slow creep of the ineffective lock. Along comes your ABS and the problem is solved. Easily adjustable. Repeatable settings. Just a great, great product for studios, and I can only imagine how useful the ABS would be for live shows. I wish I'd had this product, when I was mixing music in commercial studios.
Steve King - Voice Actor and Ex-Music and Production Engineer
The ABS is working just the way I hoped. No more droopy booms. Thanks.
Jeff W Raskin - Chapel Hill, NC
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