Auralex MudGuard V2 Microphone Shield with Hardware Mounting Kit


  • Isolates your microphone from external noise bleed and reflections.
  • Manufactured with world-famous Auralex Studiofoam®.
  • Improves audio dramatically in acoustically treated spaces.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Includes mounting hardware for standard mic. stands.
Price: $169.99


Due to the popularity of our original MudGuard, Auralex is now introducing a redesigned and completely unique solution for microphone isolation in any environment. The MudGuard v2 uses a new, proprietary convex design which diverts internal shell reflections, offering unsurpassed performance among all microphone shields. Most flat and concave shields tend to focus energy toward the microphone causing unwanted coloration. The unique, patent pending, multi-radii convex shape of the MudGuard v2 is designed to direct any unwanted and off-axis acoustic energy away from the microphone. The non-perforated, solid back on the MudGuard v2 allows for maximum sound isolation by blocking reflected sound from the recording environment to the microphone. The included hardware allows the MudGuard v2 to easily mount to most microphone stands and allows the user the flexibility to adjust the microphone proximity.
Price: $169.99
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