Universal Desktop Microphone Stand


  • Rugged construction with non-slip rubber ring base
  • Adjustable height and weight
  • Thread adapter compatible with US & European Mic thread standards
  • Quick assembly / low center of gravity for great stability
  • Great at home and on the road
  • Recommended for our Porta-Booth Pro & Plus
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Price: $39.95



Our 3-way adjustable HH VODS microphone desk stand gives you infinite height adjustment from 5 & 1/2 to 8 & 3/4 inches. You can also increase it's weight by close to a half pound! For lighter mics or when on the road it's one pound weight will be ideal but for heavier microphones or more permanent installations simply screw on the included 7.2 oz. bottom weight. The included microphone adapter connects the stand to both US (5/8" -27) & European (3/8"-16) threaded mics and the rubber ringed low profile base fits perfectly into the pre-cut desk stand slot of both the Porta-Booth Pro and Plus. ®
Adjustable Desktop Stand in slot of a Porta-Booth Pro
Our heavy duty desktop stand going into the pre-cut desk stand slot of a Porta-Booth Pro® for secure placement.
Microphones, pop filters and accessories are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.
Price: $39.95

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Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 610585720233
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