MXL Mic Mate Pro USB Preamp

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  • 16-bit/44.1 & 48.0 kHz performance
  • Six foot USB cable & felt-lined storage pouch included
  • Class A microphone preamplifier
  • Headphone jack
  • Always-on phantom power
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Gain & headphone volume controls
  • Free, downloadable MXL USB 2 track Recording Software
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Price: $89.95

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This incredibly versatile and compact universal interface facilitates the connection of microphones directly to your computer via USB, effectively converting your existing microphone into a USB microphone. Instantly start recording without any special driver installations -- simply plug-and-play! To further simplify use, the MXL Mic Mate Pro ® handles microphone gain and headphone volume adjustments with low profile rotary knobs, while the built-in headphone jack allows for zero-latency direct monitoring. Studio-quality computer recording is now within the reach of every aspiring musician and recording enthusiast.

Great for overdubbing or playing along with music. Plug and record with your favorite software. Works with virtually all microphones*. No special drivers required. 6' USB Cable included.

5 Star Very clean sound...goodbye mixer! Sep 04, 2009 By Spec

I have used the MicMate Pro for several months and I can say that it has exceeded my expectations. As a WinXP user, I had no problems with installation...after plugging into the mini USB port, I let Windows automatically install its own USB audio driver and I was good to go. The XLR cable and USB jack connects quite snugly, so there should be no worries of accidental disconnects.

As sound quality goes, not only do my recordings sound great with my condenser mic, but the MicMate Pro introduces absolutely no hiss or hum.

In regards to features, the MicMate Pro has a knob to control the amount of gain to your audio software. In addition, it includes a mini headphone jack (and volume control) so that you can monitor your a voiceover person, this is a must have.

I have two minor gripes about the product:
- It has no phantom power on/off switch (not a problem if you use only condenser mics)
- The knobs can be a little flakey when adjusting the gain or headphone volume

With that said, the MicMate Pro is a terrific product. It not only sounds great and works great with laptops, it is small enough to fit in your laptop bag.

Price: $89.95


This Preamp is fantastic! I've given this 5 stars because of how easy it is to use this mic. It has inputs for both your microphone as well as a headset (using the stereo jack type connector), and individual controls so you can turn up the gain (volume) for your mic as well as your headset separately - a nice feature for when you want your mic gain to be low but to still be able to hear yourself clearly.

That it also comes with a very long cord makes this very handy - it allows me to set myself up far enough from my computer or laptop so as not to pick up the sound of the hard drives and fans. The box says it only works with Mac iOS up to version 5x - but it works perfectly with iOS 7.5x. This is a must-have item if you need to travel with your equipment. Very easy to use, very convenient, and absolutely works flawlessly.

Actually made some bucks with this ... I hooked this up with my Heil PR40 mic and have used it to record voice tracks on my laptop with $20 Total Recorder. Clients love the quality.
WORKS GREAT It flat out rocks. I do voice work for radio and this worked great. One minute to set up and the quality is woderful.
Its very portable This device is pretty well constructed, and very portable. It's also inexpensive.

Some issues to be aware of, some are obvious, some aren't.

The pre-amp is good, but not great. If you have to turn up the gain much, you will get some noise.

The phantom power can not be turned off, so don't plan on using this with your dynamic or ribbon mics.

There is no output, other than headphones. So, you'll hear the live microphone when playing back what you just recorded. This is fine a lot of the time, but it can be annoying when doing a sound check.

I'm rating as 4 stars because, for what it does, it's fine. And, it's cheap. But I'd seriously consider spending more and getting the PreSonus 22VSL.

(Note: VoiceOver Essentials recommends the MicPort Pro if you want an even better quality portable USB Pre-amp)

does what it says very well I am going to keep this short. This product does exactly what it says very well. It did plug and play on my windows 7 and I didn't have to change anything with my sound card or drivers (using asio4all). My only real complaint comes from the knobs not having any indicators at all on them so it is sometimes hard to find your adjustment levels for gain.
May be perfect I have had this only a short time, so I can't comment on durability. I can comment on how it works. This unit is just as described. It is easy to use. My computer had no problems recognizing it. No problem with background noise from the unit. One review mentioned something about flimsy control knobs. This just isn't so. The controls are solid and work smoothly. I will use this for connecting my Sennheiser MD 421 mic to my laptop for on-the-go voice recording while I'm away from a recording studio. It's a great, portable unit. I especially like the way I can easily attach my headphones and get direct, no-delay audio while recording.
Rating: 4.5 based on: 6 reviews.

Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
SKU: I1-9C92-4VOE
UPC: 801813125344
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