MicPort Pro 2 Mobile Preamp + Interface With Limiter


  • Low noise, high-gain Jasmine™ preamp delivers professional results
  • Neutrik™ combo XLR jack for mic, line or instrument sources
  • Analog soft limiter that stays out of the way of your vocal
  • Second channel records a safety copy at -12dB to prevent clipping
  • Custom AmpExtreme™ headphone amp offers clarity, detail and volume
  • Records to Android, iOS, Windows, Mac - almost any device you have
  • Input blend control with zero latency lets you adjust background level
  • Hi-Z input acts as a “direct box” for recording electric guitar or bass
  • High Pass Filter to cut the wind noise when recording on location
  • VelvetSound™ A-to-D converter records your audio in studio quality
  • Rechargeable battery lets you record to your phone, anywhere
  • nternal battery charges from any standard USB charger or a laptop
  • Latching XLR connector provides secure retention for your mic cable
  • Hard switch for 48V Phantom, included by popular demand
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis for scratch protection and durability
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Price: $299.00



For busy recording professionals who travel light, MicPort Pro 2 is a portable USB mic preamp that makes it easy to record on-the-go and at home with professional quality. The state-of-the-art MicPort Pro 2 turns your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop into a recording studio. Smaller than most microphones, it is feature-rich, easy to use, and travel-friendly.

A built-in, rechargeable battery sets MicPort Pro 2 apart from other portable audio interfaces, making it your ideal companion for the road. The low-noise Jasmine™ mic preamp, zero-latency blend control and soft-knee limiter combine to create a professional vocal processor, putting MicPort Pro 2 in a class of its own.

Record, edit and share your work online. From anywhere. Other recording interfaces are either tied to the wall or go through batteries too quickly. MicPort Pro 2 lasts the entire session on a full charge and works anywhere you go - perfect for voice-over work, podcasting, broadcasting, interviewing, video, location recording and streaming live.

If you’re a voice-over actor, broadcaster or radio journalist, you already know the CEntrance MicPort Pro Classic. That breakthrough audio interface connected any professional mic to a computer for making professional recordings on the go. Endorsed by voice actors, broadcasters musicians, and location sound recordists , it was the go-to bridge between your computer and your favorites studio quality microphone. From U-87’s and 416’s to our VO: 1-A Voice Over Microphone.

The new MicPort Pro 2, with it’s exciting new features and the ability to record directly into all your devices sets a new standard for professionals recording - anywhere and everywhere!

Price: $299.00
Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 899862001399
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