Multi-Color LED Voice Over Recording Sign with Remote Control

Not just another recording sign - a VOICE OVER - Recording Sign!


  • 100,000 hour life span LED illumination
  • 20 colors & 19 dynamic modes - speed & brightness adjustable
  • 8.5" x 12" custom-made break resistant thick acrylic & aluminum construction
  • 3-D engraved image looks great in all directions
  • Wireless, credit-card sized Remote Control with 100 foot long range
  • Seven foot long cord & chain hanger for easy mounting

New York voice actress Linda Bruno LOVES her VoiceOver Recording Sign!

Price: $69.95



Not just a stock "On the Air" or "Recording" sign it's our exclusive VOICE OVER Recording Sign!

This brilliantly lit LED Twenty color beacon tells everybody: "Hey! I'm actually working in here and a few moments of relative quiet would be appreciated!" What's more the wafer thin Remote Control lets you choose a multitude of options from color to brightness, flashing to fade in and out. You can even set up a personal codes: Red means "I'm recording" Blue, "Playing Back" Green - "It's a wrap" !

Plug in the seven foot long cord and hang it on a doorknob or wall hook using the included chain. It's light enough to be mounted right on a wall with easily removable 3-M Command® tape.

For voice workers silence really is golden and Gold is one of the 20 colors to choose from!

Please Note! Due to postal regulations we are unable to include the required CR 2025 battery for the remote.

NEW! Lost your remote? The dog ate it? Or just need a spare (one for upstairs, one for downstairs)? Whatever the reason you can now order a new remote for your multi-color VO Recording Sign.
Only $19.95 And Free Shipping in Continental USA
(Sign comes with one remote)

Not just another recording sign - a VOICE OVER - Recording Sign!
Price: $69.95
Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 799456982861
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