Porta-Booth Plus®


  • Fits in your carry-on luggage
  • All interior surfaces covered in Auralex Studiofoam®
  • One-zipper design assembles in seconds
  • Two-way zippered rear slot for shot-gun mics, cables & boom arms
  • Pre-slit bottom foam provides a solid base for desktop mic stands
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds, covered with rugged 190T rip stop nylon
  • Four diagonal, adjustable corner straps add rigidity
  • Built-in boom-arm anti-sway strap
  • Optional messenger style Carry-On Travel bag available
Price: $199.99

The porta-booth plus fits the bag sizer!
The bag must fit the sizer or you have to check it. Unlike other vocal booths The Porta-Booth Plus fits!
Our Porta-Booth Plus is the perfect size & weight for traveling. Most importantly, it qualifies for every major airline as carry-on luggage even with today’s stricter regulations. Powered by world-renowned Auralex® Acoustic Studiofoam it truly shines with pristine audio and road-warrior worthy construction - on the road - and at home. The lightweight Porta-Booth Plus uses a time-proven principle pioneered by the BBC. Your microphone 'hears' an acoustically treated space when placed inside the booth. That means YOU don't need to be inside a human-sized sound-booth to record great audio - audio without the tell-tale 'roomy-boomy' sound of an acoustically untreated room. Combine the Porta-Booth Plus with our optional feather-weight Carry-On Travel Bag for great tracks within everyone’s budget.

Auralex Studiofoam, the first choice of recording studios worldwide, is the ingredient that makes our Porta-Booths sound so good! Learn why.


Assembled: 16 inches high x 15 inches wide and 16 inches deep
Folded: 16 inches high by 14 inches wide by 7 inches thick
Weight: Four and one half pounds

Uncommon advice from reluctant traveler & the voice of Jimmy Neutron - Debi Derryberry

“It's a great totally self-contained studio and If you're 4’ 10” like me and your feet don't reach the ground sitting in the car, bus, train or plane, just put your feet on it so they don't dangle, like you know, a little kid.”

Click to see Debbi's rave reviews of her Porta-Booth Plus
  Porta-Booth Plus / Porta-Booth Pro Feature Differences
Feature Porta-Booth Plus
Porta-Booth Plus
Porta-Booth Plus
Porta-Booth Pro
Weight 4.5 lbs 7 lbs
Size Folded 16"H x 14"W x 7" Deep 21H" x 21W " x 7" Deep
Size Assembled 16"H x 15"W x 16" Deep 20"H x 21"W x 16" Deep
Fabric Rugged 190T rip stop nylon Heavy-Duty 600 denier fabric
Travel Bag Optional Carry-on Bag Available Includes TSA Tough Travel Bag
Auralex® Acoustic Studiofoam check check
Boom-arm anti-sway strap check check
Pre-slit bottom foam for desktop mic stand check check
Four diagonal corner straps add rigidity check check
Zippered rear slot for long mics, cables, boom arms check check
Zippered bottom slot for stands and cables   check
Sonic Stage "Auditorium" design   check
Booth Lifter for boom arm mounting   check
Articulated script-clip LED light   check
Fleece audio hood for extra noisy environments   check
*  On most major airlines
Price: $199.99


Porta-Sound STAND™
See product details
If you're like me you prefer standing up to record. Our heavy-duty stand let's you do just that. It assembles with no tools, nuts or bolts and provides a stable support for your Porta-Booth and recording gear.

Click to find out more

Adjustable Desktop MICROPHONE STAND
I don't think there is a more flexible desktop stand anywhere than this one. The heavy, round base provides a sturdy, safe mount for your microphone. In addition it can connect to both European and USA microphone threads. A rock-solid accessory. Click to find out more

VO: 1-A® The Voiceover MICROPHONE
It seems that the 2nd most common question I'm asked is: "What's the best microphone for VO?" (The first is: "How can I get an agent?"). It dawned on me that most studio mics were designed for musicians and singers not word-workers. So with the help of MXL we designed a mic specifically for VO. The VO: 1-A gets raves for it's sound and it's affordable price.
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Excellent addition to my portable studio rig. I've used the booth on numerous VO sessions and in a little over a month of ownership has paid for itself. BTW, excellent customer service.
I bought one of these things coupla months ago, and I gotta say....It's just great! Cuts out noise almost completely, and makes me sound very good. Even listening with headphones, no noise on playbacks. Wonderful invention, Harlan.

First let me start by saying, what an awesome group of people who work at Voiceover Essentials. From the moment that I ordered their first book until I purchased this unit they have been awesome.

That being said the delivery and manufacturing of this product is great. Everything they said was exactly as described. Very simple to setup and use. No need for anything but a quality microphone and stand. It's like having a clean audio sound booth anywhere you go. Home, Hotel, Car, you name it, it works there. Haven't tried it at the Sistine Chapel but I'm sure it will work there too.

The manufacturing is awesome but since this is a review I must add that there was one small piece if Velcro missing from my unit. I contacted them and they would have sent me out another one, but I opted to fix it myself. But they sent me a few things to compensate me for the trouble. I love businesses who go out of there way to make things right.

Would I purchase again absolutely, as a matter of fact I'm buying a few more of his books in the next week or so.

Get this product: The NEW Porta-Booth Plus It will be the best thing you did!!

one more step up! I think this is one of those products that goes much further in quality than the original booth Mr. Hogan came out with. Having the foam already sewn in is a huge help, not to mention the larger size can accommodate larger mics. Still easy to pack up, to me it's much more about the upgrade in quality. I mean, Auralex foam! Come on! That's huge!
A Great Porta-Ble Solution for the Working VO Actor

I've actually owned the previous iteration of this product, the original Porta-Booth, and found it to be a very useful tool that fit neatly in a carry on and allowed me to abate the persistent reflection of any typical hotel room. The new Porta-Booth Plus is a big improvement on it's predecessor. While not as hearty as it's big brother, the Porta-Booth Pro (which I also own but find a bit bulky when I prefer to travel extra light), it has several advantages over that same product as well as the original. Unlike the Pro, the Plus fits quite comfortably in my carry-on, assembles much more quickly, and unlike the original Porta-Booth is made with much more rugged materials (what seems to be Ballistic nylon around what I assume is some sort of heavy duty cardboard core material, and genuine Auralex foam [heartier than the original's flimsier generic foam]). This ruggedness is great because I do have to wrestle it a bit into my particular carry on luggage and at 17" or so by 7" deep it is a couple of inches bigger than the original, so I can wrestle with confidence. In situ, it dealt with room reflection handily, and, as I use a small Shotgun mic, I was grateful for the convenient zippered opening at the back though which I could run my cable.

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a portable solution for those last minute auditions or even remote sessions in your hotel room!

Hi just wanted to say that the Porta Booth Plus I purchased a few weeks back is a very nice unit. It is all that it is cracked up to be.

Thank you for a great sounding product!

Have a very blessed and wonderful day!!

Excellent addition to my portable studio rig. I've used the booth on numerous VO sessions and in a little over a month of ownership has paid for itself. BTW, excellent customer service.
Excellent quality and fast shipping. Thank you.

Just recorded a new medical podcast with the Porta-Booth PLUS in my home studio, and the room acoustics are noticeably better - no trace of reflected sound from the walls. Propped up script to the side of the booth and all worked great.

Awesome! I love Harlan Hogan products. They are always great quality and most importantly ... portable!

This is an upgrade to a previous porta-booth and I am so glad that Harlan takes all the feedback from his customers, in order to improve his products.

Harlan! I tried this out last night, and truly love it!!! It is great quality, easy to set up, and the recordings with your mic come out wonderful!

Rock on Harlan!!! Thanks so much for your dedication to excellent audio quality for voice actors!

I've always thought that the design of the original PortaBooth was great and made recording on the road a lot easier. But the new design is even better! I really like the pre-attached foam and the easy-zip setup, plus the access points in the base and rear panel . It doesn't hurt that it looks pretty sharp, either.
I love the new Porta-Booth Plus! I got my new PortaBooth Plus a couple of weeks ago. WOW!!! It's the best ever! It's larger (than the original) and much easier to put together! I loved it so much that I bought one for a gift, too.
Rating: 4.9 based on: 12 reviews.

Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 025732011445
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