VO: 1-A Voice-over Microphone


  • THE VoiceOver Microphone
  • Studio Condenser Microphone tailored to the unique needs of voice over recording
  • Foam-lined travel case and fleece-lined protective storage pouch
  • MXL quick mic clip & shock mount
  • Fifteen foot Marshall XLR microphone cable
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY & 30 DAY 'No Questions asked' refund policy
  • Gold sputtered diaphragm
  • Wiring by Mogami®

Price: $349.00


Voice-Over legend Harlan Hogan partnered with Marshall Electronics to create the MXL VO: 1-A Signature Series microphone, the first and only mic designed for voice over performers by a voice over performer.

The MXL VO: 1-A faithfully captures deep tones without sounding bassy and has a silky-smooth top end that is never harsh - a perfect sound palette for both male and female voice over performers. But every microphone will sound different on individual voices so we recommend you "audition" any microphone before deciding if it's your mic of choice so the VO: 1-A is sold with a unique 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy.

The VO: 1-A has a one year warranty, state of the art class A circuitry, balanced/transformerless output, and a gold sputtered diaphragm.

The VO: 1-A package includes everything you need to begin recording studio quality voice overs immediately!

The Voice Over Microphone made for Voice Over Performers

For an in depth review of the VO: 1-A Microphone including how it is optimized for voice read Steve Cunningham's article in Radio And Production magazine.

Price: $349.00


This is just the prettiest, sexiest pop filter I've ever seen and it really sets off your VO: 1-A. It's expensive but I suspect your worth it. Click to find out more

Adjustable Desktop MICROPHONE STAND
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The VO-1A from Harlan Hogan & MXL has superb quality and it fills a void in my arsenal very well. As a matter of fact, my plan is to now use the VO-1A for all my narration & eLearning projects...it's that good.
 Without hesitation I will share that the Harlan Hogan VO:1-A is my favorite mic right now. In fact, I have two of them. I have a sit down and a stand-up configuration in my studio and wanted the same mic for both setups. Plus it
I'm lovin' the VO: 1-A!
This mic is like a combination of the warmth of my Elctrovoice 20 and the crispness of my AKG C3000b all in one. Plus, I always had to EQ the RE-20 to achieve the brightness that your mic naturally has!
The VO: 1-A's response is almost identical to my ear across nearly the entire frequency spectrum. The physical construction of the microphone is quite impressive, and consistent with the quality we''ve come to expect from MXL giving their German counterparts a run for their money.
Just a quick note, I received your VO-1 mic. Unbelievably great! I wished I had gotten it a long time. Amazing smooth warm sound and significantly improves overall quality of my product.
The low-end is present and certainly meaty enough for 'Big Voice' male voiceover, but the proximity effect was not nearly as pronounced as I had expected it to be. ... This is not to say that the VO:1-A has no proximity effect. It will - in fact - get suitably big if you get right up on the capsule. I would instead say that it’s probably more forgiving for inexperienced talent who haven't yet mastered the use and control of proximity.

To read Steve's full review CLICK HERE
Your mic has replaced my Rode NT1-A So I've been using my new Harlan Hogan mic for about 2 weeks. Your mic has replaced my Rode NT1-A.

I'm very pleased with the sound of the mic. I can hear a difference. I'm especially happy that now the voiceovers done in my home sound just like the ones recorded in studios here in Tokyo, where the Neumann U 87 is the standard mic.

So now my voiceovers done in the full-service studios, and which are on my voice demos, match up to the sound of my voice on home-studio projects which are on my voice demos.

Best Mic.... EVER! The sound quality is better than some products costing twice as much.With its own hard case, its a killer deal. Also it comes with the very cable I was going to buy, a $15 saving!
 After extensive research I decided on the Harlon Hogan Signature VO:1-A by MXL. It comes with a foam-lined carrying case, a shock mount and a 15' cable. The condenser mic works extremely well with my baritone voice. i use it with a MicPortPro preamp and NCH Wave Pad Audio Editor software. Although I am a newby of only a few months, this is a mic I feel I can grow with since the sound quality is excellent and works well with my voice.
Outstanding Mic and Customer service! This Mic is Outstanding! It sounds the same if not better than the Mic used in my voice over agents studio, and other studios that I have been in. Whats amazing is that I don't even have it running through a super expensive interface or pre-amp i am using the Mic Port Pro.

I had a 6 channel board and a starter condenser Mic prior to the VO 1A. This microphone has taken me from beginner to professional voice over sound over night. The warmth is incredible yet it still has just the right mids and highs. The whip cream on top is the customer service. I recently had my Mic fall off a stand which was over 5ft off the floor at least. The mic still worked fine but the top screen was bent slightly. I emailed Harlan and Terri Lee. They got back to me within minutes. They contacted the manufacturer and got them to replace the screen that had dented for free!

Excellent bang for the buck When I saw this mic on sale just after Thanksgiving, I thought "why not?". Bought it, tried it out (as they suggested) and found a richer sound than I could get on my existing mic (an AT2020). I had been assured that I was buying a mic that was both affordable and suitable for professional voiceover work, and that's exactly what I got. How often can you say that these days?
Hi Harlan,

I FINALLY got around to testing the VO 1-A. I don

 My go-to mic is a Harlan Hogan Signature Series VO: 1-A from MXL. It gives you the performance of an expensive mic at a price that nearly anyone can afford.
Excerpts from Ty Ford's review of the VO: 1-A

  • "None of the nasty edge (distortion) that I've heard with other, earlier Marshall microphones."
  • "A nice mid-range boost, very much like a close-miced 416."
  • "Surprisingly quiet. I measured it at 8 dba which means compares favorably with much more expensive mics."
  • "Priced right with a sound very similar to the much more expensive Shure SM7."
The VO: 1 A microphone is faithfully responsive to a wide range of male and female voices. It's crisp, but never harsh, with a solid low end for deep men's voices. It absolutely performs as advertised, and the price is unbelievably low for a mike of this quality. I am now using it on all my demo productions.

Upon receiving my VO: 1A mic, I recorded a side by side comparison with my RE-20 and sent it to about a dozen audio guys whose opinions I trust.

The responses were unanimous in favor of the Harlan Hogan VO: 1-A!
I record voice overs in Spanish and this microphone gives my voice a special warmth and sharpness I've not heard with other more expensive mics. If you are looking for a good microphone, this one will give you great quality and the best bang for your buck.

One day my mic suddenly stopped working and I couldn't figure out what was happening; I finally decided to write Harlan Hogan and he replied within 5 minutes telling me: "If it's defective we'll get you a new one, but make sure the phantom power on your Mic Port Pro is on! It's a tiny push button and glows orange - dynamic mics don't need phantom power but the VO: 1-A does".

That was the problem! I was relieved and happy, not only because I got my mic back to record an important audition, but also because Harlan's customer service was awesome! Thank you Harlan!
Magnifique! Formidable! Super!

La combinaison du micro Harlan Hogan VO1A et du Porta Booth professionnel m'ont permit de continuer
Hey Harlan,
I wanted to let you know that I have gotten so much great feedback from clients since I made the switch from an RE20 to the VO 1-A. I think it's a nice fit for my voice. Thanks so much for making a great mic so affordable! I've attached an MP3 of a industrial voice over I did with the VO: 1-A last week.

My wife and I recently returned from a cross Canada drive and of course I needed some portable recording equipment. I bought a good lap top with lots of RAM, Harlan's VO1-A mic, Mic Port Pro and I already had his porta-booth. I was so impressed with the mic I bought 3 more for CommercialVoices.com.


I wanted to take a few moments to thank you again for the great gift you have given me: your signature microphone!
It has been my mic of choice ever since it arrived at my doorstep, but I didn
An Outstanding Microphone I've done voiceovers for over 20 years. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that microphones have entered the same realm as high end audio. People will spend thousands of dollars for a minscule, perhaps even inaudible improvement.

On most of the voices I have tested the VO: 1-A on it creates better results than a U87 - and yes I've done direct comparisons! It's just as accurate and pleasant, especially on rich, baritone voices. I use a MicPort Pro and audition 3, and the results will generally surpass my Avalon and Firewire 610. I found that slightly irritating at first, but what I want is a result, not a listing of expensive pieces of equipment. Plus, simpler is better.

 It's hard to see how anyone could go wrong with this product. Well done.
Awesome! Customer service was incredible. The mic is more than I hoped for. I have a AT2020 and Rhode NT1A both of which I like. Harland has made a mic that really gives my already resonant voice more character and I love the sound. It comes with all the accessories, decent case. I am totally pleased. Most of my work involves voice over for my web multimedia clients and I notice a big difference with this mic. LOVE IT!
I was wondering if this mic was great for vocalists like myself? I am a professional singer.

     We have a number of singers who love the mic, including an opera singer in Washington DC. As I
My lont-time editor didn't hear diff btwn it and my TLM 103 when I voiced an infomercial with your VO: 1-a last week. I was blown away by the quality...and the price of this mic. Harlan knows what a voice artist needs!
My name is Todd Ethridge and I am a full time voice talent based in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am happy to say that I recently bought the VO: 1-A mic and I am officially blown away. It really is great! I was using an EV-RE20 before and was happy with it, but I'm so glad I decided to try yours. Several of my clients have commented on it already. It really has made a difference in my business and in my confidence.
I’m enjoying the microphone very much, and I’m using it not only for my VO demo, but for some music recording, too. I’m liking it very much, especially for lead vocals. Nice response pattern (tone). Perhaps it’s the bump around 9K, but I also like the response up to 20K, as my ribbon microphone rolls off almost completely at around 15K.
Well, I put down my first radio (retail) spot on Friday with your mic and the warmth, clarity & quietness of the Harlan Hogan was great. Even our Production Manager at work was very impressed and he’s a pretty picky guy!
The VO: 1A microphone is faithfully responsive to a wide range of male and female voices. It's crisp, but never harsh, with a solid low end for deep men's voices. It absolutely performs as advertised, and the price is unbelievably low for a mike of this quality.
It sounds great... I can't tell the difference, which means that your mic is almost a dead ringer for the tweleve hundred dollar Sennheiser MKH 416. Plus your mic seems to have a fairly wide cardioid pattern, which can be a good thing for VO people who like to bob and weave around a bit.

Just a quick note to say "thanks" for recommending your microphone to me recently. I ordered it, along with the CEntrance MicPort Pro, from your website and, once again, it arrived in just a couple of days - I continue to be amazed at how efficient your fulfillment process is.

Back to the microphone - the VO: 1-A is an incredible value. It's sound far exceeded my expectations, and I could not have been more pleased. I know it carried a "satisfaction guaranteed or return for a full refund," but there's no way I'm sending it back!

Hi Harlan,
I am just getting restarted in voice overs and have tried several mics...I went with your VO 1A on advise of others and after trying it and getting to know it...I booked a job in the UK from an audition I did with the VO 1A...I completed the project this week...So I am staying with the mic and hopefully my VO work will continue to grow...
Uncanny close.(to the Sennheiser 416) MXL is a bit darker; there's a touch (a tad) more air in the 416. but especially considering the costs difference ... that's negligible!

Got it today and have been getting to know it all day. Amazing sound.

Is it possible for my voice to actually sound better because of the mic? I think it is!
When are you and Dan going to do another seminar? You know, the Advanced Level of Starting Your Voiceover Business. BTW, I the love the new mic!

One of the most common questions I get from students and other voiceover talent is 'What microphone should I get?' While it is a highly personal choice, I now have a fantastic suggestion in the VO:1-A that is sure to be flattering to most voices as it was designed with them in mind. If they don't feel it is right for them it can always be easily returned and you absolutely cannot beat the price. I have one in my own cabinet and it is a great go-to mic for everything from telephony to commercial or narration projects.

Harlan and MXL have done a great service to our industry by providing a product that is a 'no brainer' for beginners and pros alike.

I picked a good day to try the VO: 1-A! Listen to how it makes me sound oon the attached MP3.  Every bit as good as my TLM 103 in many respects. Just a little more 'color' to it. I also changed the impedance on my pre-amp to 150 which made it quite lively. I'm going to use it for the rest of the day.

It has the perfect characteristics needed for a Voice Over studio condenser mic!

The VO:1-A is a terrific microphone... both in quality and in value! I don't have a naturally deep voice, but this MXL mic, designed by H2, himself, really does boost the low end of my voice. However it doesn't lose the high end while boosting the low end... it kind of smooths out everything.

The best way I can describe it is it makes my voice more 'present'.
I just wanted to drop you a line about your new mic...we got the mic late last week and tested it out. Kudos to you my friend.  You have done the seemingly impossible
As a voice actor, I've heard that some MXL microphones rival those that are many times more expensive...sort of like a best kept secret in the business. I was getting close to trying one when I learned that Harlan Hogan was coming out with his own signature MXL, the VO 1-A. That cinched it. Well, it's every bit as good as you would expect it to be...with something extra: the psychological advantage of knowing, every time you address the mic, that Harlan Hogan is behind it.

Makes a difference in your performance...I swear it does!

Hi Harlan!!
Thanks again for your call helping me set up the VO" 1-a shock mount the other day.. I LOVE my new mic!!
 The overall sound from the microphone is great, as you can see (hear) in my quick test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtNpE0k_x5w - captures a brightness in my voice, while preserving the lower end without much EQ work.  Many compliments!
The VO: 1-A - It's a fantastic product for the money and I won't be sending it back!

Harlan, what I liked and what attracted me to the concept was the fact the mic was designed by a VO guy

Mics are designed, by techs and sound engineers who approach the job in terms of musicality, frequency response, noise floor and all of that....but without a specific application in mind....and certainly not voiceover. Singing, yes...and broadcast, which is a whole different world as you know. But VO is a specialized animal

This mic would be great value at twice, or even three times the price

I know I should say something profound here, but quite honestly I
The mic is now working perfectly!  :)   
Thanks for your timely response and customer service!   It is appreciated!  The richness of sound this microphone picks up is fantastic.  I love this microphone!!
The mic really surprised me. Very warm and real. I A-B compared it to my 416 (3 times as expensive) and the sound holds up beautifully against that Sennheiser workhouse.
...the finer points of microphone engineering and electronics are above me, but my ears know when they're hearing the right sounds, and they never heard something so right for MY voice, than the audio recorded through the 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone...
Very Impressed I was expecting good quality, simply because Harlan Hogan attached his name to this mic. But I am really blown away by how great this mic sounds, especially at this price. Very warm low end and a sharp, but never tinny high end. It's exactly what I was looking for. Add the warranty, and how can you go wrong? Check this thing out!
Harlan,I have a testimonial for you.

I switched to your mic back in October. The first four auditions I did not only landed me jobs, but also repeat work that I can be trust on for submitting quality work.

^^^ True story. ^^^

Youre the best!

The Mic is just what I was hoping for. My Auditions now have the same quality as my Professional Studio
Deb Coloma I love my VO:1-a and pop filter, it is my go to mic in my studio. .. never a dull sound when I use my VO:1-a and pop filter :-)
Five Stars! Great product, Couldn't have picked a better mic for my first VO microphone and a great combo deal.
Rating: 4.3 based on: 53 reviews.

Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 801813137347
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