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  • Up-to-date, Twice the Size, Three Times the Laughs!
  • Save money producing your own demos in-house
  • Save time by auditioning at home and e-mailing your submissions
  • Expand your career by working with clients from around the world
  • Add value to your services by delivering professional quality recorded voice tracks
  • Increase your earning potential
  • A non technical approach that makes self recording stress-free
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For many years, recording voice overs was the exclusive domain of commercial studios. Even a simple voice audition meant a trip to a studio, an ad agency, or an agent's office. Today voiceover actors are producing voice tracks for corporate narration, radio spots, animation, games, and audio books from their own home studios. To survive in this highly competitive field, you, too need to learn and master basic home recording production techniques.

The "Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road," shows both aspiring and established voiceover actors how to set up and effectively use their own inexpensive -- but professional-sounding -- personal recording studio to make professional-quality home recordings quickly and easily. Everything is covered to help you get auditions and jobs, from setting up your studio with the right hardware and software, recording at home and production basics, to promotion, podcasting, and advanced production. This new edition of this bestselling guide to voiceover home recording has been completely updated to cover all the exciting new technology and delivery options currently available.

Price: $29.99


The first and last word in home recording I'm a voice over and director of a training program. I was never trained as an engineer but to be competitive today, you have to have some technical knowledge of how to record at home. These guys have made it fun to learn how to do it and have done a very thorough job of laying it all out in a very easy-to-understand way. Plus they offer very clever ideas for home and on the road recording.
best "how to" on voice recordings I've ever seen This is the most useful (and fun) book on the actual process of recording the voice for acting, demos, audio books and so forth I've ever seen. Technically detailed enough (though written in normal people lingo, not "geek speak") to guide the construction of your own home "studio," it also has the basics of processing and promoting voice work at home or on the road. Written in a very breezy style, it also includes lots of advice for the aspiring voice artist and has pages of references for equipment, vendors and services. Highly recommended!
Excellent instructions on voice-over artistry The two authors, Hogan and Fisher, are well known and highly respected within the industry, in their own right. Together, they've collaborated on this book to provide easy how-to-do-it info for beginners and even those experienced in providing voice-over talent. I've spent a number of years on both sides of the mic and can validate every word written here.
Rating: 5 based on: 3 reviews.

Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
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