The Voice Over Actor's Handbook by John Burr

The Voice Over Actor's Handbook AUTOGRAPHED
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This is the first practical and pragmatic treatment of voice over's unique demands and approaches I've ever seen. In particular, the section that begins, 'Why we read the way we do', should be required reading for anyone who wants to or is doing voice work."

Truly brilliant John!

Harlan Hogan


  • How the structure of the English language relates to script interpretation
  • The only language dynamics reference book in the voice over industry
  • You can download and listen to audio segments that demonstrating the principles taught
Finally, a practical guide for voice workers that shows you how to discover the reasoning, mood, meaning and purpose of a script and deliver it correctly.

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A must-have book that shows you how every script, regardless of it's subject, reveals the linguistic clues the writer used which can guide you in delivering your reading as the author intended.

John Burr, one of America's top voice over coaches wrote this book because he realized that many of his beginning students didn't comprehend the fundamentals of English grammar and sentence structure.

His book will help you acquire the skills you must have to pronounce words clearly and smoothly, express emotion incrementally, control your pace, pitch and rhythm, understand where and how to emphasize, and sense where and how long to pause for dramatic effectiveness.

You'll learn how to 'decipher' sentences within a script, how to highlight significant words and phrases, and how to mark a script to ensure a consistent delivery from take to take.

The Voice Over Handbook and the downloadable audio examples are the next best thing to having a voice over coach with 35 years of experience right in your living room or studio.

About the Author

John Burr Has been a voice over performer, audio engineer and producer for over thirty-five years (Xerox, IBM, Public Television, National Geographic, Carey Limousine, Marriott Corporation, Smithsonian Institution, Exxon Mobil).

He is the owner of John Burr Voice Dynamics, a nationally prominent voice-over training company. He lives and teaches in Sarasota, Florida.

Price: $29.95


Why do we say things the way we do?

This ‘must have’ guide is not a magic bullet; it is an in-depth teaching of the art of voiceover and a wonderful reference. (It includes links to over 250 audio files for practice.) I am thrilled that John Burr has documented his life's work and it is now available to everyone. There is no other resource like this one for the voiceover industry. This is the definitive bridge to better voiceover delivery.

Jane - Five Stars on Amazon
Now that I’ve had a chance to peruse the pages of John Burr’s “Handbook”, I can happily recommend it. The devil’s in the details, and there’s plenty of detail to master in his book.
Dave Courvoisier, Las Vegas
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