Mixerface R4R Audio Interface/Mixer with SD Recorder
Mixerface R4R Interface / Mixer / Recorder
Mixerface R4R Audio Interface/Mixer with SD Recorder
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mixerface R4R Audio Interface/Mixer with SD Recorder
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mixerface R4R Interface / Mixer / Recorder
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mixerface R4R Audio Interface/Mixer with SD Recorder

Mixerface R4R Audio Interface/Mixer with SD Recorder

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  • R4R retains all the features of the original MixerFace R4 and adds a one-touch micro-SD card recorder
  • R4R simultaneously records to SD-card (not included) and to a digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • For extra redundancy with video, feed the analog output to a DSLR for simultaneous audio recordings
  • The smartphone, micro-SD card and line outputs are all fed the same stereo mix for safety/redundancy recording
  • Internal rechargeable battery is designed to last an entire gig, charges from any USB charger
  • Dual Jasmine Mic Preamps™ with true 48V phantom power deliver boutique audio quality
  • Two Neutrik™ combo XLR jacks to record from Mic, Line or Instrument sources
  • High Pass Filters to cut wind noise during location recording
  • Dual Hi-Z inputs place a “direct box” inside MixerFace for recording electric guitar or bass
  • Adjustable Zero Latency Monitor control for dialing in the perfect headphone mix
  • Stereo AUX input to mix in a 2-channel source
  • AmpExtreme™ headphone amp for extra loudness and clarity, with no distortion
  • Balanced and un-balanced outputs for flexible speaker monitoring


Smartphone and Tablet apps let you edit, EQ, compress and upload your audio online in minutes. BUT how do you get quality audio into your iPhone/Android/Tablet in the first place?

MixerFace from Centrance, creators of the Mic Port Pro! MixerFace has two boutique mic preamps with independent gain controls and LED level monitoring, 48V phantom power, Hi-Z input, studio quality transparent limiters, and more all in a handheld device that fits underneath a smartphone!

MixerFace is the mobile recording interface that finally transforms your smartphone, tablet or laptop into a complete portable recording studio.


MixerFace was funded in part by Indiegogo contributors, who demanded that we included certain features. We agreed and the result is a very flexible audio capture device, useful in a variety of location recording situations.

With Hi-Z inputs for guitar and bass, studio limters and full digital I/O, MixerFace creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for location recordists, ENG journalists, voiceover artists, and touring musicians.

Record with 24-bit/192kHz sound quality! MixerFace uses state-of the art converters and transfers digital audio to/from iDevices, for purest sound reproduction. The attractive, handheld device is made from tough, road-worthy extruded aluminum and works for an entire shift on a single charge.

Capture the Moment

Set an R4 on your coffee table, connect your microphone(s), hit the onboard red record button and you're capturing … it's that easy. Or, plug it into your phone or tablet and launch your favorite recording app. MixerFace will serve as your professional Mobile Recording Interface™. Have a particular vocal mic that suits your voice? No problem. Mixerface has 2 XLR inputs with 48v phantom power to accommodate any high-end condenser. The custom designed Jasmine Mic Pres™ deliver a world class signal, designed to capture every nuance of the performance.

Cut the Cord

Because the R4 has a high capacity rechargeable internal battery no wall plug is needed. The battery will work for 8 hours before needing a refill and your standard USB charger will charge it. It's the internal battery that allows MixerFace to provide true 48v phantom and lets it work with a phone or tablet without wall power. Without the battery, it isn't mobile.

MixerFace R4 may be used with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux devices as a USB recording device. Connect a standard micro USB cable from your smartphone, tablet or computer to the left hand side micro USB socket on the back panel of MixerFace R4. The MixerFace R4 is now ready to be used as a USB recording interface.

Note: For iOS devices, a Lightning to USB adaptor is required. For Android devices, an OTG cable is required. For Windows devices, download an ASIO driver from the CEntrance website.

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