Voice Optimized Headphones & Book Promo

Voice Optimized Headphones & Book Promo

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Get Both our Headphones and Tales & Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor for the Price of the Headphones Alone!

Voice Optimized Headphones 2.0

  • Studio Monitoring Headphones: closed-back, over-the-ear design
  • More comfortable, thicker padded leather headband
  • Leather-covered memory foam ear pads
  • 45mm 40Ω large-aperture drivers w/ efficient neodymium magnets
  • 98 +- 3dB Sensitivity W/10kHz-26kHz frequency response
  • Incredibly strong & lightweight at only 8.4 oz.
  • Combination straight /coiled audio cable stretches from 5 to 10 feet
  • Includes 2 Gold plated mini-plugs and a Studio standard 1/4" screw-on adapter
  • New mini-jack on the left headphone for easy cord replacement
  • The headphone made for voiceover

The studio monitoring headphones optimized for voice work. Now even better! The Harlan Hogan Signature Series VOHP Voice Over headphones - 2.0!

While musicians and many consumers choose headphones because of their eardrum rattling bass, open-back, on-the-ear design they are a poor choice for voice work. We need to hear the clear, transparent & honest sound of our voices. Because we often take direction while speaking we need closed-back, completely over-the-ear headphones so no audio leakage or feedback ruins our performance. Plus we need comfortable headphones since we often wear them for hours - performing and often, editing.

VOHP 2.0 provides accurate, transparent sound with enhanced mid-range audio, less bass, AND the creature-comforts we deserve.

The sturdy ear shells are crafted of aluminum - not the more common plastic - to sound sound "leakage." These phones are amazingly comfortable even in long sessions thanks not only to their weight (barely more than half a pound) but also because of the soft supple leather - not vinyl - ear-pads filled with eyeglass-friendly Memory Foam. The thicker padded leather-lined headband, stainless steel telescopic arms, and auto-adjusting non-magnetic manganese steel frame hug - not hurt - your head.

A non-tangling left side connected combination straight to coiled cord stretches from 5 to 10 feet terminating in two gold plated 3.5mm mini plugs. And an included 1/4 inch screw-on adapter lets you connect to studio standard audio gear. Because there is always a chance a headphone cord could be accidentally puled loose our 2.0 design includes a mini-jack on the ear shells making cord replacement take seconds. Because many pros prefer to monitor their performance with only one ear, both earpieces rotate up 180 degrees. An included leatherette felt-lined storage tote completes the package.

 Finally, headphones designed with voice performers in mind - detailed, accurate voice reproduction without a booming bass or shrill high end - coupled with engineering that makes them an absolute joy to wear.

Replacement leather-covered ear pads and combo-cords with two mini plugs are available. Click Here to find them on our parts page.


Tales & Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor - Autographed

  • Harlan Hogan's journey from 'terminally' shy kid to voice over legend
  • New & expanded session stories: 'from the trenches'
  • How to make professional recordings at home & on-the-road
  • How to create demos & auditions that win jobs
  • How to market yourself
  • All about agents, unions & fees

Reflecting the quantum change that has occurred in the way voice-overs are recorded and cast in recent years, this updated second edition describes the advantages and disadvantages of auditioning and recording from home studios for clients around the world. This indispensable guide also addresses finding work in venues outside film and television, like games, AI, E-learning, Explainer Videos & Audio Books.

Aspiring and established voice-over actors will learn from Harlan's business & performance tips and laugh at his personal account of the crazed clients, practical jokes, and coincidences encountered on his over 40 year journey to success.

Click Here to read Tracy Lindley's informative review.

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