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Auralex Alpha-DST Roominator Charcoal Foam Kit

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  • Create your own voiceover booth.
  • Improve the acoustics of your mixing area.
  • Treats 8' x 10' x 8' or smaller rooms.
  • Absorbs and shapes ambient sound. Saves money compared to buying individual pieces.

If you - like many voice talents - have converted a walk-in closet or other small space (8'x10'x8' or less) as your voice booth this kit is perfect. Sure you can hang up soft fluffy off-season clothes and your Grandmother's quilts to absorb and shape some of the ambient sound, but a professional treatment with Auralex® DST acoustic foam will be much easier on the eye as well as the ears! This kit includes 64 1' x 1' DST panels for mid-high frequency control, 4 DST LENRD Bass Traps to tame low frequencies and 152 EZ-Stick Pro Tabs for installation. The Auralex Alpha takes the guesswork out of acoustics, improving the sound of everything you record!


Here's what's included:
Thirty two DST-114 1'x1'x 2" Charcoal Panels
Thirty two DST-112 1'x1'x 2" Charcoal Panels
Four DST Charcoal LENRD Bass Traps
152 EZ-Stick Pro Tabs
Instruction Booklet
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