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Why you need a pop filter

Harlan Hogan at the MicrophoneSO, Harlan. Explain why I need a Pop Filter even if I never (well hardly ever) pop a P or a B.

Congratulations on your breath control. Unfortunately not everyone has it and the occasional Plosive can ruin an otherwise perfect recording. There is another equally-sound reason to use a good-quality pop filter though, it keeps moisture (OK, Spit) off the microphone's diaphragm. The diaphragm is the heart of the mic and can easily become coated with dust, smoke and yes, spit.

I recommend a metal pop filter. They are easy to keep clean vs. fabric and on a professional-level filter the mesh screen angles your breath downward away from the diaphragm without adding any coloration to your sound. The below is the pop filter we have made specifically for our VO: 1-A Microphone.


VO: 1-A Pop Filter

VO: 1-A Pop Filter

This beauty is made specifically for our VO: 1-A Voice Over Microphone. Click to find out more
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