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Our Travel Tips & Suggestions for Recording on the Road...

1) Ironing Board

Travel tips - Porta-Booth Plus on ironing board

Use that hotel ironing board found in virtually any hotel room as an height adjustable stand for your Porta-Booth Pro or Porta-Booth Plus. Harlan says “It is a great adjustible ‘scissors stand’ like the keyboardists use. Instant height adjustability, very stable with room for your laptop or tablet and best of all you don't have to haul a 20 pound stand along!”

2) Turn off the Heat / A-C

Travel tips - Turn thermostat off

When you turn off the heating/air conditioning for quiet when you record you'll remember to turn it back on if you prop your room key on the thermostat.

3) Switch off the Fridge

Travel tips - Turn off the refrigerator

More silence can be had by switching off (or unplugging) the mini bar/refrigerator. Leave the door open so you remember to turn it back on.

4) No Pop Filter? - Use a Pen

Travel tips - Use a pen for a pop filter

That cheap plastic hotel pen works great as a pop screen - hold it vertically an inch in front of your mouth while you speak. *

5) Shhhh ... I'm recording

Travel tips - Put up a recording in progress do not disturb sign

An impromptu hand lettered sign taped to the door stating: "Shhhhhhh I'm recording - done in (blank) minutes" can work wonders.

6) Ask for a room that ...

Travel tips - Get a room away from avending and ice machines and elevators

Choose high room floors away from that great view and as far as possible from vending and ice machines and elevators.

7) Ask for a Conference Room

Travel tips - Ask to use a small conference room

You can ask to use a small hotel conference room for a short, agreed on - length of time.

8) Fitness Center

Travel tips - Use a fitness room when deserted

After about 9 AM most hotel fitness centers are deserted.

9) Read from a Tablet

Travel tips - Read your script on a tablet

Read your script on a tablet device, no searching for a printer and no page turns!

10) A Tip on Tipping!

Travel tips - Tip housekeeping staff to vacuum rooms away from yours first

If you convince housekeeping to vacuum rooms away from yours be sure to tip them generously!

11) Use the right Headphones

Travel tips - Do not use noise cancelling headphones - you need to hear the sound of the room

Do not use noise-cancelling headphones - you need to hear the actual sound of the room.

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