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About Wordsworth and Harlan Hogan

Harlan Hogan at his home based recording studio

The Wordsworth product line began with two questions mailed by a high school senior to our president, voice actor Harlan Hogan.

“How did you become a voiceover?”
“How can I become one?”

His answers turned into a highly-successful book: “VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor.

With it’s publication more questions soon followed from beginners and seasoned voice over pros alike

How do I set up a home Studio?
How do I choose a voice over microphone?
How do I market myself in voice work?
How do I record professional audio at home & on the road?
How do I get people to be quiet while I’m recording?
How do I connect my microphone to my computer?

The answers to those and countless other ‘How do I” questions inspired the creation of most of the products we manufacture and the resources we author - like our Porta-Booth® Audio Studios, The VO: 1-A Voice Over Microphone, ‘How-To’ Books, DVD’s, & CD’s and an illuminated remote-controlled Voice Over Recording Sign that keeps piece (and quiet) in the family.

Our customer base now extends beyond voice over artists to include musicians, broadcasters/podcasters, corporate media producers, location sound personnel, and anyone in search of the tools and techniques needed to create professional-quality audio.

Of course, just the products it offers do not define a company. Just as important is exceptional customer service. There was time when the customer was always right, in today’s world the customer is more likely to be ridiculed and that is just plain wrong. With a 100% money-back guarantee our goal is total satisfaction. We treat our customers as the friends, co-workers and peers they are and take the time to answer their questions. Because answering questions is what started our business in the first place.

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