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We tested countless ways to record professional-level audio at home and the Porta-Booth Plus won - hands down!

The Porta-Booth Plus® is our acoustical treatment of choice for all our voice talents. It's pristine audio and low price is perfect for voice performers who must be able to create studio-quality recordings at home and on-the-road.

We at Edge have always emphasized the importance of two elements you must have for a successful voice-over career. A great read and pro level audio quality for both auditions and voice-over sessions. Today, performers are expected to have a home studio with sound that rivals a full-fledged recording studio and the Porta-Booth Plus does precisely that.

Great sound at home - without a human size audio booth

Porta-Booth Plus Porta-Booth Plus

And on location…...

We found that Porta-Booth Plus was the perfect size & weight for traveling. Most importantly, it qualifies for every major airline as carry-on luggage even with today's stricter regulations.


Traveling with the Porta-Booth Plus
The porta-booth plus fits the bag sizer!
The bag must fit the sizer or you have to check it. Unlike other vocal booths The Porta-Booth Plus fits! (Bag sold separately)

The Porta-Booth Plus features…..

Porta-Booth Plus
  • All interior surfaces covered in Auralex Studiofoam® the choice of recording studios worldwide
  • One-zipper design assembles in seconds
  • Two-way zippered rear slot for shot-gun mics, cables & boom arms
  • Pre-slit bottom foam provides a solid base for desktop mic stands
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds, covered with rugged 190T rip stop nylon
  • Four diagonal, adjustable corner straps add rigidity
  • Built-in boom-arm anti-sway strap
  • Optional messenger style Carry-On Travel bag available

Powered by world-renowned Auralex Acoustic Studiofoam the lightweight Porta-Booth Plus uses a time-proven principle pioneered by the BBC: Your microphone 'hears' an acoustically treated space when placed inside the booth. That means, YOU don't need to be inside a human-sized sound-booth to record great audio. Audio, without the tell-tale 'roomy-boomy' sound of an acoustically untreated room.

Edge is proud to recommend the Porta-Booth Plus to all our students and professionals - truly a perfect, solution to having the great audio quality our clients demand - at an affordable cost.

Order Yours Now!

Order Yours Now!

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