Setting Up Social Media Links

Log into your affiliate account. You'll be taken to your Dashboard. Look at the "Affiliate link" section. You'll find a row of social media icons below the default link.

Affiliate Link Form

Just click on one of the social media icons. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest are all currently supported.

For instance, click on the Facebook icon and log into your account if not already logged in. Then in the upper left where it says "Say something about this" type in what you want to say like, "This is a great place to buy recording products for your home studio or when when you're on the road!".

At the bottom select "Feed" or "Your Story" or both. To the right select who you want to be able to see your post from the drop down: "Public", "Friends", or "Specific friends" like your customers, fellow performers, etc.

Then click "Post to Facebook". Done! Your message will be displayed along with the logo. Anyone who clicks the link will be taken to with your affiliate referral code insuring you get credit for any sales.

Twitter, linkedin and pinterest work in a similar fashion. Give them a try and improve your chances of a sale!

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If you have any questions on affiliate links (or anything else) or if you have any trouble registering or accessing your affiliate account shoot me an email at the address below and I will get back to you ASAP!

Warren King
webmaster and affiliate manager

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