MicPort Pro USB Mic Preamp

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  • 24-bit/44.1, 48.0 & 96kHz performance
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Loud headphone amp level control with zero-latency monitoring
  • Internally generated 48V phantom power can be turned on and off
  • Low-noise class a professional mic preamp with input level control knob
  • Studio-quality analog-to-digital conversion
  • Six foot USB cable & velour storage pouch included
  • True plug & play installation
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Price: $199.99

The Original: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated, 24/96 USB Preamp!

Now, any mic you own or purchase in the future can be a USB mic. The preamp is clean, clear and natural sounding, and the A/D audio interface is quiet so you record your voice, not the electronics. This is one amazingly handy device at an equally amazing low price.

MicPort Pro is perfect for recording vocals and overdubs, miking instruments and amplifiers, podcasting, broadcasting and interviewing (including stereo). Recording is easy at home or on the road.

MicPort Pro uses a low-noise, Class A microphone preamp that features a truly balanced signal path, fully shielded design, and an ultra-fast transient response all of which places it in a professional class of preamps. The headphone output is designed to be loud across a variety of headphones. Conveniently located microphone gain and volume control knobs make precise adjustment a breeze.

The CEntrance MicPort Pro is the easiest way to capture a professional-quality vocal take, communicate with clarity over Skype or record studio-grade instrument samples.

Much more than a simple XLR to USB adapter, the MicPort Pro is the only portable mic preamp with a built-in, 24bit/96kHz, broadcast-quality A/D converter - a CEntrance exclusive. It captures the cleanest signal, making it an ideal choice for professional recordings. The built-in loud headphone amp and studio-grade knobs make it both useful and convenient on the road.

MicPort Pro is used by the BBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, Harpo Studios, Warner Brothers, and professional musicians and voiceover artists worldwide. MicPort Pro is instantly compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10.4 and above, and Linux.

No batteries. No latency. No headaches. Just plug in and record.

5 star Hi Harlan,
Just wanted to let you know I LOVE THIS GADGET! Now I'm able to use my Shure mic again and the clarity is so much better than what I had been using! Thanks!

Lou Hunt - Professional Voice Artist

5 star Now a voice talent is never on vacation!, August 26, 2011
I'm a full-time pro voice talent, have been running my own studio since 2003. I'm not a trained engineer, but over the years I have learned how to get broadcast-quality audio from my studio. Since I freelance, of course I do not get any paid vacations. But now that I have a MicPortPro, now I kinda do!

Let me explain. This little gadget is so small, that along with my 10 inch screen netbook and an AT2050, the whole lightweight rig takes up very little space. So taking it along with me when I travel is easy-peasy. Oh, also, it sounds wonderful. So now, IF I want to, I can record voice tracks when I'm away. For example, when I was away for a week this winter, I got a script in from a regular client. I arranged some heavy blankets in a walk-in closet in our condo bedroom, set up my netbook, MPP and mic, and recorded my script in under 15 minutes. I uploaded the file, and my client was very happy I could turn this around even though I was on vacation. While this means I'm never really on vacation (unless I want to be), it sure was nice to work for 15 minutes and make enough to pay for a *really* nice night out with my wife. (She forgave me for working!).

Then just last night, again I was out of town on a family vacation. An audition came in for a regular client of mine - my hit ratio with her is very good, so it seemed like low-hanging fruit so to speak. I set up my little portable studio, recorded the audition in a few minutes, and submitted it to my agent. Boom - I got the gig! Without the MicPortPro, it would have gone to someone else.

The little beauty also saved my bacon when my home studio computer flaked out on me. I connected the MicPortPro to my other computer, one I normally keep for personal use only, and I was in business again in just a few minutes. I was able to record that national cable TV voice-over for my regular client on schedule, thanks to the MicPortPro. Every serious studio needs to have a backup plan. Mine does, and it works, and it's cheap, and it's easy to use, and it sounds GREAT!

Yeah, I'm a fanboy.....
Price: $199.99
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