Porta-Booth Pro - Portable recording booth

Pays for itself! I would definitely recommend the Porta-Booth-Pro for any VO artist on the move. It is so well built and brilliantly designed…
Richard Young - "CINE 2"


  • Unique sonic stage "Auditorium" design
  • Just 7 pounds but rugged 600 denier fabric construction
  • Heavy-duty travel bag included with exterior storage pocket & padded shoulder strap
  • World famous Auralex StudioFoam® covers all interior surfaces
  • Two way zippered bottom and rear slots for shot-gun mics, cables & boom arms
  • Anti-sway strap & Booth Lifter for boom arm mounting
  • Pre-slit bottom foam provides a solid base for desktop mic stands
  • Articulated Script-Clip LED light with 2 mounting pouches
  • Four diagonal corner straps for rigidity
  • Assembles in seconds - Just close two zippers
  • Built-in Fleece audio hood for extra noisy environments
  • Travels as checked or carry-on luggage


Assembled: 20" High x 21" Wide x 16" Deep
Folded: 21" High x 21" Wide by 7" Deep
120% larger than our Porta-Booth Plus
Weight: Seven Pounds
Price: $369.99


The ability to record professional quality audio at home & on the road is a requisite tool of the voice-over trade. If money and space are no object building or buying a human sized sound booth is ideal, but impractical and unaffordable for most performers. And when you are on-the-road hauling along moving blankets or "portable" booths that weigh 50 to several hundred pounds is equally unacceptable.

But performers can capture great audio even in acoustically untreated spaces with my Porta-Booth Pro. Your microphone hears the sound of a human sized sound booth at a fraction of the size and cost. The Pro accommodates large and long microphones, lengthy scripts and e-reading devices. Lined with Auralex® Studiofoam the Pro is the best-selling portable recording booth worldwide. It's a professional quality sound studio that assembles in less than a minute.

Auralex Studiofoam, the first choice of recording studios worldwide, is the ingredient that makes our Porta-Booths sound so good! Learn why.

Andrew Peters, founder of Realtime Casting, gives his take

Harlan Hogan, a name most people in the US voice industry know as a voice artist, also the owner of Voice Over Essentials dot com and the creator of the Porta Booth® portable studio products. As a voice talent based in Australia, I had no idea who Harlan was until I launched Realtime Casting. It introduced me to the US industry and some amazing talent, Harlan being one of them. ...
Read Andrew's article

TED: ideas worth spreading
Ted Conferences' Jordan Reeves, sends Porta-Booth Pro's to educators around the world...
"Everyone that uses Harlan Hogan's Porta Booth Pro is really happy with the way it makes them sound. It's lightweight, easy to set-up, and totally worth the investment. TED-Ed has sent them to educators all over the world!"
- Jordan Reeves, TED-ED Program Facilitator
Pays for itself! I would definitely recommend the Porta-Booth-Pro for any VO artist on the move. It is so well built and brilliantly designed…
Richard Young - "CINE 2"

Price: $369.99


Porta-Sound STAND™
See product details
If you're like me you prefer standing up to record. Our heavy-duty stand let's you do just that. It assembles with no tools, nuts or bolts and provides a stable support for your Porta-Booth and recording gear.

Click to find out more

Adjustable Desktop MICROPHONE STAND
I don't think there is a more flexible desktop stand anywhere than this one. The heavy, round base provides a sturdy, safe mount for your microphone. In addition it can connect to both European and USA microphone threads. A rock-solid accessory. Click to find out more



Pays for Itself I would definitely recommend the Porta-Booth-Pro for any VO artist on the move. It is so well built and brilliantly designed that I would not recommend trying to save a few dollars building one yourself. OH! Make sure to tightly strap on the built-in corner velcro straps for extra stability. That might not be obvious while setting it up for the first time.
An amazing product. Easy to carry and to assemble. I am very pleased with it. I also recommend to all voice over professionals who are always on the go.
I used the Porta-Booth Pro to record my network TV promos during a weekend visit to Las Vegas - studio quality audio!
The Porta-Booth Pro Delivers! I just tested-out the new Porta Booth Pro and it exceeded my expectations. I am a professional voice talent and I need a professional solution for remote recordings. I've found it! The Porta booth Pro is easy to set up and collapse. It deadened a huge room for my sample recording. I will take the Porta booth Pro on the road wherever I go! I strongly recommend this product.
What took me so long to order this magnificent, invaluable item?

I am astounded by the quality of audio I am now producing thanks to this Porta Booth Pro, it's incredible! The quality of manufacturing, assemblage & the ingenious design is 2nd to none.

Everyone who needs a 'cut above' sound reproduction in their home, office or hotel room should have this Bad Boy. My auditions are now PRIMO
Amazing I absolutely love the Porta Booth Pro. Before this, I was using a cardboard box with foam and woah! what a difference. Totally worth the price. I am an independent R & B singer and this really helped with my audio quality.
Expensive and worth it for VO Pros The Porta-Booth Pro is well designed, well made and very effective at cutting unwanted sound reflection and typical room noise (from your computer for instance). My only caution is that if you use a large microphone like the U87 it will be a very tight fit.
(Note from Harlan: Thanks for your terrific review. We've found that big mics like your U-87 work best if mounted horizontally in the Porta-Booth Pro, the wide auditorium design even holds my HUGE vintage U-47.)
A handy package that comes together in clever ways to make the life of traveling mic work easier. I Recommend sensible placement of the booth close to a sound absorbing surface to reduce bounce of sound through the back. Otherwise a neat solution at home in even some studio settings to improve the neutrality of the mics. working environment
You guys have changed my life! i am india's premier voice over artiste and radio host and in a country as vast as ours it was imperative for me to make sure that my clients didn't suffer when i left my place of work ( Mumbai) and that my clients in other cities should get their material on time i ordered the Porta Booth pro which is now my lifeline. Whats more . . my wife's happy! she gets to see me a lot more around the house than she ever did before. Long live harlan hogan and voice over essentials
I'm so excited about receiving the new Pro!!! And thank you for getting it out to me so quickly. Your products are definitely such a great asset to those in voice over!!!!

The Porta-Booth Pro is a great tool for any voice over actor. It's very light weight for its size, and really does come extremely close to re-producing the "studio feel", when speaking into it. Right off the bat, my vocal recordings were more centered and had a 'in-your-face feeling'. The booth does a great job at locking in vocals but also balances that with avoiding bass resonance, something I was concerned about. I thought "hey, if I don't like it, I can always return it" but I will never be without this product again.

One more thing ... the customer service is superb. Quick and friendly responses to all questions (and I asked a lot of them).

Did my first ever 'in-my-car audition' with your Porta-booth Pro, VO:1A Microphone & Mic-Port Pro on my laptop in front of a Starbucks in Chicago at 10:45 PM! Worked and sounded perfect. This has been one my best investments. Love the Porta Booth Pro and VO:1A Mic!

(Note from Terri. Visit ourDigital Media Library to hear his actual audition and how he set every up in the back seat of his car.)

Thank you - my decades of searching for a reasonable room deadening solution in constantly changing environments is finally answered :D
I just wanted to say that I am so glad I purchased the Porta-Booth Pro; it's made a huge difference in the quality of my recordings and has also saved me a lot of money by eliminating the need trying to soundproof an entire room! I couldn't be happier with such a well designed product!
As for the Porta-Booth Pro - two words: LOVE IT! I just used it yesterday to lay down 4 separate voice tracks for a new project where yours truly is the voice of the company. I am singing the praises of the Porta-Booth Pro and telling everyone I possibly can!
Thanks for the booth! Really quality product! I'm going to ProMax later this month, and really look forward to putting the booth through its paces in my hotel room every day! I'll be doing all of my regular client business from the booth.
I recently bought the PortaBooth Pro after trying it in a home audio workshop with Dan Lenard. Love it!! I live in a teeny tiny apartment in Brooklyn and it's great for my fledgling VO career.
Thanks for chatting, Harlan! We're really excited to be using your product with our educators. We actually used 4 of them at the conferences last month, and we were so pleased.
Harlan, the PortaBooth Pro arrived Saturday and it is everything advertised. Went up easily, is large enough not to elicit claustrophobia, the design is incredibly well thought out, very well constructed and will hopefully see a lot of use..

P.S. That little light that came with it is incredible!
As a voice actor who travels frequently, auditioning for jobs while on the road was problematic. Scrambling to try and find a local studio in each market was time consuming and expensive. The Port-a-Booth Pro now allows me to bang off auditions at my convenience, in my hotel room, whenever needed. I've already recouped my investment in the month I've owned it. First rate construction quality.
I LOVE my Porta-Booth Pro It has been a great solution for me at home and on the road.
Thank you for your wonderful porta-booth pro.
Thank you! It works great... Thank you ever so much for the guidance. I bought a boom and the two accessories you suggested so I could use my new Porta-Boot Pro standing at a mic stand. Everything is set up and now working wonderfully!
I received the Portabooth pro this Tuesday wow! Really effective considering the price tag on this product :) It actually gives more or less the same sound as real studio recordings - especially if the mic is good.
Just yesterday I helped setup a Porta-Booth Pro for one of my clients which he purchased at Amazon. I took the time while I was setting it up to do a little shootout - The Pro vs. Open Air (no booth). I LOVE the openness of the Pro! It tightens the sound without making it boomy!
Great product! glad my friend Tim recommended! 5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing. Worth every penny
Amazing. Worth every penny! My voice sounds so professional.
I love my Porta Booth Pro!! I mean this Booth is a Godsend~ I'm a voice-over artist and singer and was always trying to use 'stuff' to insulate my recording area, but it was never enough to eliminate the ambient sounds and was also time-consuming. I just finished some recordings with your product and they turned out wonderfully! I am ecstatic that I can simply walk up to my Porta Booth and record a session/script at any time without a problem!. BTW a musician/composer friend (with a critical ear) heartily agrees: "The recording is perfect, you're set go!" -- Since I like to record standing, I set up the Porta Booth Pro easily and quickly, using a tripod-type music stand and boom--I used the ABS (Adjustable Boom Stop) to lock down and stabilize the Booth via the boom to the stand. All in all, it is totally cool! I know it has made all the difference for me in my recording sessions.
This thing really works. I was surprised at how my recorded tracks sounded free from back ground noise. I used to have a sound booth that was 4'x4'x7'. This is a much easier way to record and it works very well.
Harlan took his original the idea of a Porta Booth and expanded it and made it better. The Porta Booth Pro is now the most important piece of my home studio and I use it for professional Voice Over work. It is quality built and durable. I've had mine for almost 3 years. It performs just like it did when new and the foam interior shows no signs of deteriorating.

As someone new to voice-over work I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a good vocal isolation booth. While it's true there are cheaper products that are similar to the Porta-Booth Pro I was finding was praise after praise for Harlan Hogan's Porta-Booth Pro. The portability of the booth, the sound quality, the durability of the material used, and the trusted name behind it. I use the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Silver Edition and I must say the huge cavernous space the booth provides has no problem accommodating my set up. The product is easy to assembly. lightweight, with a great carry case and a little LED light as well.

As expensive as I thought it was, once I listened to the difference with the booth I conclude this review to say I'm glad I bought it!

I admit I didn't believe in the fleece audio hood until I tested it in a client's kitchen and really was impressed with how effective the whole getup and sound is using a 416 Shotgun Mic!
I am EXTREMELY impressed by the Porta Booth Pro. The sound absorption is impeccable! I position my AKG C414 XLS into the booth at about 20% in and it's awesome! My voice overs sound exactly like they do in my recording studio! You get a 5 star rating from me! ALSO I want to thank Terri Lee for her outstanding customer service.
I was so excited to receive my Porta Booth Pro. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well made it is and how easy it is to put together. I especially love how convenient it is to carry. I can't wait to take it with me when I travel with my family. It will definitely be a less stressful recording experience knowing the Porta Booth Pro will give me a cleaner sounding recording in a not-so-ideal recording environment. Thank you Harlan!!
I was faced with a relatively small room that I wanted to turn into an A/V post-production studio and be able to record pro-level voice overs. I looked at various solutions, mostly considering isolated sound booths and such. However, there were many issues: space, cooling, lighting , cost, etc. Then I came across the Porta-Booth Pro. I liked the look of it and already knew how well Auralex works in a studio and the Porta-Booth Pro's interior is lined with it. So, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. It is very cleverly designed and portable and comes with a nice carrying case. The Porta-Booth Pro is a permanent fixture in the corner of my studio. It's not overwhelming large, has a nice professional look, works well and didn't break the bank. All in all, I rate it tops for value. (and no, I am not affiliated with the company whatsoever)
It sounds great! All the ambiance of the room is canceled out. The Porta-Booth Pro could easily be a mainstay of a home studio. Congrats!
Rating: 4.9 based on: 36 reviews.

Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 025732008186
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