Voice Optimized Headphones 2.0


  • Studio Monitoring Headphones: closed back, over-the-ear design
  • More comfortable, thicker padded leather headband
  • Leather covered memory foam ear pads
  • 45mm 40Ω large aperture drivers w/ efficient neodymium magnets
  • 98 +- 3dB Sensitivity W/10kHz-26kHz frequency response
  • Incredibly strong & lightweight at only 8.4 oz.
  • Combination straight /coiled cable stretches from 5 to 10 feet
  • Includes 2 Gold plated mini plugs and a Studio standard 1/4" screw-on adapter
  • New headphone mini-jack for easy cord replacements

Enhancements to the 2.0 headphones include a thicker, more comfortable headband plus a new combo coiled/straight cord with two mini-plugs plus 1/4" screw-on adapter and a thicker felt-lined travel pouch. The fold-flat ear cup design gives the 2.0 cans a smaller footprint when traveling. And most importantly we've boosted mid-range clarity with reduced bass.

Price: $149.00


The studio monitoring headphones optimized for voice work. Now even better! Our Signature Series VOHP 'Cans' - The Voice Over headphones 2.0.

While musicians and many consumers choose headphones because of their eardrum rattling bass, open back and on the-ear-design they are a poor choice for voice work. We need to hear the clear, transparent & honest sound of our voices without artifice and affectation. Because we often take direction while speaking we need a closed back, completely over-the-ear design so no leakage or feedback ruins our performance. And we need an extra degree of wearing comfort, since voice talents spend many hours with headphones on; performing, narrating and often, editing.

Our Voice Optimized headphones 2.0 provide both that accurate, transparent sound with enhanced mid-rage audio, a less bass AND the creature-comforts voice workers deserve.

The over-the-ear closed back ear shells are crafted of aluminum - not the more common plastic - to prevent sound "leakage." These phones are amazingly comfortable even in long sessions thanks not only to their weight (barely more than half a pound) but also because of the soft supple leather - not vinyl - ear-pads filled with eyeglass-friendly Memory Foam. The thicker padded leather-lined headband, stainless steel telescopic arms and auto adjusting non-magnetic manganese steel frame hugs - not hurts - your head.

A non-tangling left side connected combination straight to coiled cord stretches from 5 to 10 feet terminating in two  gold plated 3.5mm mini plugs. And an included 1/4 inch screw-on adapter let's you connect to studio standard audio gear. Because there is always a chance a headphone cord could be accidentally puled loose our 2.0 design includes a mini-jack on the headphones themselves making cord replacement in seconds. Because many pros - including me - prefer to monitor their performance with only one ear, both earpieces rotate up 180 degrees. An included leatherette felt-lined storage tote completes the package.

Finally, headphones designed with voice performers in mind - detailed, accurate voice reproduction without a booming bass or shrill high end - coupled with engineering that makes them an absolute joy to wear.

Harlan Hogan

Replacement leather covered ear pads and combo-cords with two mini plugs are available. Click Here to find them on our parts page.

Price: $149.00


Headphone HANGER
Do you really need a headphone hanger? Of course not. But then again headphones crashing to the floor almost always damages them.. Our hanger is powder-coated with a soft nylon tip that won't "gar up" your mic stand and it looks way more professional than any thing you'll find at the hardware store. Click to find out more



I wish I had bought this sooner! The Porta-Booth Plus actually exceeded my expectations. It is roomier than I had anticipated with plenty of space for my mic/shock-mount/pop-filter AND my tablet. Best of all, my audio now sounds excellent, as if I were actually recording in a full-size sound booth.

The booth is lightweight, yet solid, well built of superb materials and easy to set up. I had to perch my tablet precariously with the set-up I had previously and had a hard time viewing scripts at times. Often, I had to stop and adjust things. I did not even anticipate how much easier it would be to deal with my tablet before I bought the Porta-Booth. There are so many added benefits to using it that I am just thrilled with my new baby. I found myself patting the side of it last night after recording, LOL!

Thanks for great service and an awesome product! Hey Harlan, if you need a vo to do a spot about your Porta-Booth, let me know! :o)
Harlan, your new headphones are awesome! Cheers to another signature brand.
"I do a TON of voice over editing and mixing, and wearing headphones for extended periods of time can be quite uncomfortable. Harlan has done it again! By using memory foam and real leather, these are the most comfortable phones I've worn - EVER! Not to mention the combo coiled cord and straight cord - best of both worlds!"
Keep it up! Hi Harlan,
I received the Headphones today....Great Customer Service. Over the years I done On Air, Studio Tracking, VO, and about every situation where you would use Cans. I've tried them all,,,,,,trying to get that perfect fit. These are exceptional for VO & studio Tracking. The one thing I really like is that I can tell when I'm slightly off mic. I'm more aware of room noise. Good Job Harlan, you've come up with some great products. Keep it up! I'm still using my U87 for most VO's, but I may give your mic a try one of the days. Have a Great Day!
Harlan Hogan's VO headphones are are really really cool!They sound great that's the bottom line and memory foam ear cups make them awesome, amazing & so comfortable!
These (headphones) are awesome! I'm going to start using them today!
I'm so glad to have found these,... they're a lot more comfortable than the Sony MDR-V700 I was using!! Definitely up to Harlan Hogan quality!
I purchased the new Harlan Hogan earphones last week and love the sound and the quality. love working with them!
Harlan, your headphones are great!(and half the price of my favorite cans). The voicing is excellent, very smooth. Bravo.

Signature branded headphones are all the rage right now, so when Harlan showed up with his entry into the field, I was naturally a bit skeptical. However, these truly are studio grade headphones that I would use on a daily basis without reservation. I am married to another set of cans (10 years and counting, happily), so for these to be in any way at all useful for me they'd have to sound similar. I have to say they do sound as good as my other German made cans that cost nearly twice as much! The VOH's sound great on EVERYTHING, not just voice, with a very pleasing EQ curve that extends very deep, without getting boomy, and high without sounding harsh (like some Japanese cans that are pervasive in the studio world). The ear pads are large, soft, and seal out noise effectively, without clamping like a vise. Attention to detail is everywhere, with apparently very few costs spared, or wasted on "bling". Harlan, you've got another winner on your hands, the VOHP "Beats" the competition.

These are amazing! Its like I've never really heard my voice before! No really.. The new Harlan Hogan Signature Series Voice Optimized Headphones are in a word: A delightful departure from traditional studio headphones. (OK, thats actuality 7 words) I'm well known for recommending NOT using headphones for voice work for a number of reasons. But, Harlan has done his homework, looking at the flaws presented by standard cans for VO work and correcting them in spades! Recording engineers should always have traditional headphones to work with, but these are the ones to have if you do voice work.

They're comfortable like no other phones I've worn. That's because Harlan used actual leather for the pads. Its like putting on a pair of Isotoners for your ears! They're also very light for their size as H2 had them made from aluminum instead of plastic. The headband is flexible like a Twisto-Flex watch band. It hugs your head like the phones are not even there.

Sound: Clearly different from traditional studio headphones. The upper mid and highs are clear as a bell. No muffling or cross bleeding between frequencies; like a pair of studio monitors. The low is there, but at the same level as the rest of the spectrum. Very nice, and that cures the endorphin producing deep bass of your own voice. Yet, yet, the extreme low end - 200 Hz and below - is amazingly clear. I could hear my son running up the stairs from the basement 2 floors below so clearly, transparent and "dimensional" that it was startling!

They clearly define the noise floor. You can hear the detail of anything that is not your voice. My mustache could be heard as I smiled ear to ear.

Harlan, like your Porta-Booth series, and the VO: 1A studio condenser mic, you've hit a home run. (Expect a call from the Cubs). The Home Studio Master gives the Harlan Hogan Signature Series Voice Optimized Headphones two thumbs WAYYYY up. The perfect headphones for a home voice over studio!

Great Customer Service! I received your Headphones today. Over the years I done On Air, Studio Tracking, VO, and about every situation where you would use Cans. I've tried them all,,,,,,trying to get that perfect fit. My ears aren't what they used to be, but these are exceptional for VO & studio Tracking. The one thing I really like is that I can hear when I'm slightly off mic. I'm more aware of room noise. Good Job Harlan, you've come up with some great products. Keep it up!
"I have already tried them out and love them!" ... I received your wonderful new signature voice over headphones and love them. I'm using these for my editing and to monitor my class live performances. They really make a difference in how you hear the nuances of a voice. I'm telling my students to get a set today and be ready to edit your voice with the precision of a professional.

Rating: 5 based on: 11 reviews.

Brand: Harlan Hogan Signature Series
UPC: 610585720202
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